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Clean pa XFOAM PIG – PSI Foam Pigs Original

Cleaning of long, straight pipe sections, also with narrow sports and heavier contamination; hydrostatic test; sealing; PU-LR-S: for long distance cleaning with lots of fittings. Ada 2 type

CleanpaX PU-LR - Foam pig CleanpaX PU-LR-S - Foam pig

Flagging tape baricade tape pita survey

barricade tape Flagging tape / Pita safety ukuran 24mm x 50yard digunakan sebagai penanda. tersedia dalam beberapa warna. merah, kuning, hijau, biru, putih, orange Dll ukuran 1inch x 50yard

Marker tape / baricade tape / Police line

Barricade tape police line ukuran 6inch x 500m kegunaan: untuk memberikan tanda peringatan pada pengerjaan proyek. Kami menerima pesanan marker tape sesuai tulisan perusahaan anda

Petrocoat Tape Petrolatum Tape

Anti corrosive tape/Petro Wrap Tape It is developed for long-life protection against corrosion and the water-proofing of pipes, flanges and valves for marine use and the most severe atmospheric, buried and submerged metal surfaces.  It is non-toxic and no V.O.C. The tape offers stability in composition and plasticity over a wide temperature range, Non- hardening and non-cracking, highly resistant to acids, alkalinity and salts, unaffected by vibration. It can be used very simply.